Why Canadians Love the Olympics

In 2018, an Ipsos Survey revealed that at least two out of every three Canadians intended to watch the Olympics. Also, about 50% of those interviewed showed some legitimate interest in the games.

With many Canadians having at least one jersey of a famous sports person, one would wonder what the connection was. Here are a few highlights about why the country loves the Olympics.

It’s All About the Stories

There is always something compelling about a story that moves the heart. Canada has had a couple of these associated with the Olympics. One of the most significant ones was Joanie Rochette’s 2010 Olympics’ story. Even after losing her mother two days before the game, she still managed to perform strongly and win a bronze medal. Some of these stories are sad, like Perdita Felicien’s loss in 2004 after a fall in the finals which destroyed her hopes of winning a gold medal.

A Name Away from Home

You can always tell how someone is passionate about their home of residence or birth by how they relate to significant events such as the Olympics. This observation was well noted by Strean, who didn’t see his passion for Canadian hockey and soccer for women until later on. The American born athlete tried to keep rooting for his American fans but later on, living in Canada made him change his support to his new home.

When a Player Wins, the Country Wins

For sports, especially in the Olympics, a player’s win is not only a personal win but also a national win. People want to be identified from afar with their country and building a brand in the Olympics makes this happen. It’s all about the glory and the victory that comes with the name. This is also the reason why many jerseys are printed with star athlete’s names.