Top Five Reasons why Canada Should Host the next Olympic Games

Both the Summer and Winter Olympics are a big deal for sports. Having successfully held the Winter Olympics, many Canadians think it is a high time that Toronto is given a chance to host the 2024 Summer Olympics. Here are five reasons why.

Adequate Facilities and Event Experiences

The Rogers Centre, Rexall Centre and Air Canada Centres are some impressive stadiums in Toronto that have the capacity and state of the art facilities that can adequately hold the Olympic games. Aside from adequate facilities, Toronto has hosted Pan Am Games, ATP Masters 1,000 Tennis Tournament and the Canadian Open, showing its capacity to host major events.

Room for New Sports

Whether or not people will show up for a sports event in Toronto is not a question. With the city already having numerous baseball, basketball and hockey fans, there is no doubt that new sports will also have a massive audience.

Olympic Fever

Not many people considered the Pan Am Games as successful, saying that the crowd it drove could have been bigger. While this might be true, when it comes to Canada and the Olympics, everyone is interested. The Winter Olympics was a big enough evidence of how Canadians flock to stadiums during the Olympics.

Too Close to Win

If Toronto bids for the 2024 Olympics and loses, this would be half a dozen chances gone with the wind. The city has a lot of potential, which was proven by it coming in second in the 2008 bid.

Everyone Wins

There’s no doubt that Toronto would be a fantastic Olympic host city. In addition to this, the city has a lot to benefit from this bid win. According to the 2008 bid, an Olympic Village would be built along the waterfront plus a transit connection network to link the venues. This means a tourist boost for the city as well.