Benefits of Holding the Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver

Every city that hosts either the Summer or the Winter Olympics always has something to have pride about in years after the tournaments are done. This is no different for Vancouver and the Canadian community after having hosted the 2010 winter Olympics. To date, one can still see the evidence of the impact that came with the 2010 events.

General Sports Enthusiasm Boost

The most notable effect of the 2010 Vancouver games was the expansion of the sports and culture sector of the country. This encouraged a lot of participation from different stakeholders that has lasted to date.

According to John Furlong, the CEO and President of Vancouver 2010 Organizing Committee, kids and young adults took on the Olympic challenge by signing up for several winter games immediately after the end of the 2010 Olympics. The games created awareness in what it means to be a success in the athletics world.

Economic Boost

According to the municipal government in Vancouver, hosting the 2010 Olympics created at least 2500 jobs for the locals in the region. This contributed to a big fiscal growth of the city. The Vancouver 2010 Fabrication Shop has provided carpentry skill induction to several immigrants, indigenous personnel and single mothers, helping them contribute to the job market as well.

The Events and Conferencing Industry in Vancouver had improved over the last ten years with major national and global events finding their way to the city.

Infrastructure Boost

In preparation for the Winter Olympic games, there was a lot of transport improvements done to help both locals and travellers find their way to the stadiums. A lot of improvement was seen in Vancouver Transit Agency’s project to launch a 400-passenger SeaBus, Sky Train cars and hybrid electric buses which are still in use to date.

With sustainability projects being launched after the 2010 games, the city still enjoys a whole new level of flexibility and infrastructure accessibility.