2020 Olympic Forecast for Canada

The Summer Olympics made it to Tokyo for the 2020 season. Though many are excited for the country to have this chance, no one can neglect the fact that all eyes are on Canadian teams as well. With the games set to start on the 24th of July in Tokyo, a few predictions are already out.

What’s in Store for Canada?

Gracenote’s model is one of the most-watched speculations in Canadian sport. According to its predictions, not a lot of change is expected when it comes to the total amount of medals to be collected in the 2020 Summer Olympics. In fact, the prediction model has the number at 22, the same number with the previous Rio 2016 Olympics.

A little is expected on the rankings though. Canada might have the chance to move higher and maybe land at the 13th position. Andre De Grasse and his colleague, Penny Oleksiak, are expected to win at least one medal each.

The Women’s Olympics

According to Gracenote, 2020 will be a year for the women of Canada to make a statement in athletics. Of the 22 medals to be won, over 70% of them are expected to be collected by women from different games.

The Canadian swimmers might win at least seven medals, all from the women’s team. At least four of these medals are expected to come from individual racers such as Sydney Pickrem and Maggie MacNeil. The women’s relay might surprise fans as well.

Not much can be said of Vincent-Lapointe who hopes to participate and win a medal. However, she awaits her hearing concerning her testing positive for a banned drug.


Even with the nation and its fans waiting to see how well the Canadian team will perform in their home soil, all one can do is wait for the actual games. However, there’s no doubt that a lot of preparations are ongoing to make this happen.