Top the greatest Canadian athletes in Olympics

Canada owns many good stars about sports. They usually have reached high achievements and titles in the ranking. Therefore, the Canadian are proud of their sport industry. The government improve strategies and policies to develop and push sports stronger and faster.

In this article, we come to top the greatest Canadian players in all Olympics all time. As far as we know, Olympic is one of the biggest events about sports which collect all good athletes from different nations. Therefore, reaching gold medal in this league is difficult and deserved to respect and admire.

1) Mike Weir

Mike Weir is considered as a great golfer in the domestic and international competitions all the time.

Furthermore, Mile is the only Canadian golfer to receive the Master’s Green Jacket prestigiously in 2003 when he won the Lou award, defeating Len Mattiace surprisingly. This title brought frame, reputation as well confidence in his professional career.

Then he continued to keep the record for the top 10 golfer in the ranking from 2001 to 2005.

2) Nancy Greene

Nancy Greene was voted for the ranking of Top Female Player in 20th century because her perfect performance as well her attitude in sport.

She won the first World Cup in 1967 which remarked her career with series of achievements. At the Winter Olympics game in France, she reached the gold medal and broke the record of the European who had ever dominated it during a long time. Her achievement should be kept in many years later although she had retired.

The truth that her achievement was amazing for a little girl in a nation without focusing and investing to skiing as nowadays. Nancy inspired many positive thinking and passion for the next generation of Canadian athletes. So, she was a symbol of skiing in this nation.