Top the greatest Canadian athletes in Olympics

In this article, we share top the greatest players in all sports in Canada for the biggest sport festival in the world- Olympics all the time.

By talent, inspiration as well investment from the Government, sports always are focused and developed strongly in Canada, including for profession career and daily life. All local should be encouraged to play at least one sport as a useful way to practice their health and positive mood. Therefore, we can talk that Canada is a sport nation.

Following our article to see some outstanding achievements of Canadian athletes in Olympics all the time.

3/ Ferguson Jenkins

Ferguson Jenkins is a baseball star in Canada as well in the world. He has just started his pro career since he was 19 years old but he has reached list of achievements, even some breaking records of the baseball formers.

He was born in Oakville, Ontario, the was the first baseball Canadian player to receive the y Young Award. Then the was voted to the Hall of Fame in 1991 for the best baseballer. 

Especially, in the Olympics, he broke the world record at the 100m sprint, then winning 2 gold medals in 1996. This event made his talent famous at almost places in the world. Also in this Olympic, he was the first person to run the 100m line without less 10seconds. Actually, it was amazing achievement. He was extremely a fastest player ever in the record of baseball until now.

4/ Clara Hughes

Clara Hughes is a pro runner with many records in the world in a long time.

She was a good performance at the Winter and Summer Olympics with the record of medals. She won total 6 gold medals at 2 fields: cycling and speed skating. These achievements made deeply impressive for any athlete. She also was the first person to be successful with 2 games at the same time.