Top greatest achievements of Canadian in Olympics

In Canada, the local have a big love and passion for sports. Although they don’t dominate any sport, they own many talents with international records in their respective sports.

In this article, we will look back some achievement in sports in Canada from the Olympics all the time. As far as we know, Olympics is the biggest festival about sports which collect all the best players in the world to compete and find winners for some sports. The Canadian always are proud of themselves when they own many gold metals during the Olympics and Paralympic.

1/ Terry Fox- a great runner

He’s considered as one of the most inspirational athletes to the worldwide.

When he was born, he was unlucky when finding out a terrible caner. He has been cut a right leg to prevent cancer. Although he had no ability to run, he still tried to run in sport as a great way to prove that all people should respect their lives.

He joined the Paralympic with the race called “Marathon of hope”. Then he went with his friends to create his own journey called “the man in motion world tour”. It was a historical event for the disable. They contributed to exchange minds of the disable that they could do anything as a normal person.

In addition the amazing race by himself, he also raised up many disable to register some sports. He raised a fund to cancer research by appealing the disable run across this nation. This fund made a good feedback for the disable. As a good result, there was hundreds of the disable joined and satisfied about this event. This fund also helped many poor people in cancer to have enough condition to cure this terrible disease.

In brief, Terry Fox is a symbol with strongest willingness of the Canadian.