Stories that the Olympics changed Canada sports

Canada has developed strongly about sports, including amateur sports for daily life and professional sports for competitions.

When they decided to host the internationally largest sports event in the world- the Olympics for 40 years ago, they had breakthroughs about achievements in sports. In this article, we share stories that the Olympics changed Canada sports after this event. In general, the Olympics marked a big event in sport history of Canada.

1/ Decided to host the Olympics in 1976

The reason why Canada determined to host the Olympics in 1976 was they want to push sports in Canada to develop higher and further. The Canadian federation thought that this was a good opportunity to change a city as well a nation, so they should take advantage of this chance to pace up with nation strongly.

Then they decided to become the host of the largest event in the world. without any experience before. They knew that organizing and setting up all events of one Olympics was extremely difficult because they lacked experience and technical knowledge. They invested a big amount to build up expensive stadiums to serve this event successfully.

2/ This event inspired emotion for the next generation

After success of the Olympics, the local tended to change their daily habit. They spent more time to practice exercise and play sports. It has become more positive when the Canadian people focus to develop professional career with sports. Some experts said that the Olympics in 1976 started to wake up dreams for many budding players.

As a good consequence, the number of gyms, fitness clubs as well activities outdoors increased dramatically. This status improved health status of the local positively.

Thanks to this trend, sports achievement has been improved better and better. Many athletes have reached high rankings in the international competitions.