Top 5 Female Canadian Athletes

With women being celebrated all over the world, it would be an honour to mention a few female Canadian athletes who have made the country and their teams proud. The following five stand out among the best.

Catriona Le May Doan

Many call her the fastest woman on ice, and there is a good reason why. She was the first-ever female skater to set a new record in the 500-metre speed skating event winning gold in the 1998 and 2002 Olympic games.

Nancy Greene Raine

Apart from carving out a name in politics, the former senator had awesome alpine skier days. She was better known as Tiger, for when she pounced, none of her fellow competitors could beat her on ice. In the 1968 Olympics in Grenoble, Nancy Greene won gold by clocking a record 2.68 seconds. Her wins were back to back, and she might be the main reason why other ski racers have emerged in the following years.

Rosie MacLennan

Rosie MacLennan was the first athlete from Canada to defend her summer Olympics title. She won a gold medal in trampoline at the 2012 London games and another at the 2016 Rio games. The 2016 win was more dramatic given she had just made a come back after battling post-concussion syndrome.

Clara Hughes

Clara makes history for being the only Olympian to have won a medal in both the Summer and Winter Olympic games, giving her a total of six medals in her career. She has participated in the Olympics games both as a cyclist in 1996 and a speed skater.

Georgia Simmerling

This is the name that demonstrates that one can be great at multiple games and make it to the Olympics. Georgia Simmerling is the first athlete to have competed in three different competitions in three different Olympic seasons. She won a bronze from cycling in Brazil, participated in alpine skiing in 2010 and ski cross in 2014.