Amazing Facts About Canadian Winter Olympic Sports

Winter Olympics have a special place among Canadians since it is one of the Olympic season that always leaves them with at least one medal. Though the Winter Olympics were part of the 1908 and the 1920 Olympic games, the very first independent winter Olympic games was held in 1924 in France. Since then Canada has participated in each Winter Olympic game going home with at least one medal.

Here are some facts associated with the winter games that are significant to the country.

Canada and the Winter Olympics

Since the introduction of the Winter Olympics, Canada has hosted the games twice. The first time was the 1988 games in Calgary, and the next was the 2010 games in Vancouver. The Vancouver games received the most TV views even in Canada at 13.3 million. In total, Canada has won around 199 medals, of which 73 are gold, 64 silver and 62 bronze. However, if one includes the gold medal won in 1920 for Ice Hockey, the total comes to 200 medals.

The best year for the Canadian Olympics was in 2018 after coming third in the ranking with 29 medals. Before then, the Vancouver Winter Olympics had the most gold numbers at 14. As of now, the country is ranked at position five for having the most Winter Olympic games medals.

The most-watched Olympic game by the Canadians was the 5-3 group tournament where the United States team won over the Canadians. The numbers were over a third of Canada’s population at 10.6 million views on average. The game was during the Vancouver 2010 season, which was a significant loss for the country, having been beaten by their political rivals in their homeland.


Olympic games are important to Canadians and this can be seen by how they maintain their Olympic parks. The Canada Olympic Park, the host of the 1988 games, has been updated on several occasions but still maintains its Olympic significance.