Top 5 Canadian Athletes to Watch out for in 2020

Having performed fantastically in the 2016 Rio games, there’s a lot to expect from the Canadian team in the 2020 Olympics. There are players expected to make a come back while others might try out for wins for the first time. Whichever the case, here are five names to watch.

Kylie Masse in Swimming

Though the last Canadian backstroke champion was Mark Tewksbury in the 1992 games, many eyes are on Kylie Masse. She is a two-time global champion in the 100-metre backstroke for women. Masse is also a world-record setter after tying at the third position in the Rio games.

Andre De Grasse in Track Competitions.

De Grasse is the name willing to challenge Usain Bolt. However, his dares had to be put on hold after a hamstring injury. He has, however, a 9.99-seconds run in 100 metres and an admirable 19.91 in 200 metres. If the star is up for a comeback, the 2020 games might be an excellent place to start.

Rosie MacLennan in Trampoline

Rosie MacLennan’s trampoline success is something that cannot be ignored. However, after having sustained a broken ankle, there is still a 50-50 chance that she will show up for the 2020 games. Many are expecting her since this would not be the first time to overcome a significant challenge.

Aurelie Rivard in Para-Swimming

Miss Rivard has already won three gold medals in para-swimming, and there’s no doubt that she should be up for winning another in 2020 Olympic games. She was Canada’s flagbearer in the 2016 Paralympics closing ceremony. She broke her own record in 2018 during the S10 400-metre freestyle.

Sean McColl in Climbing

The 31-year old climber should be set for the Tokyo debut Olympic climbing competitions. He has already won several speed climbing and leads international climbing competitions, so there’s no doubt that he will be representing the country in 2020.