Top 3 Summer Olympic Canadian Moments

Many people associate Canada with the Winter Olympics, and more so given the fact that the country has hosted them twice. However, this is not the whole story of the Canadian Olympics. Summer Olympics are also a big deal for the country. The following three historical moments show why Canadian Summer Olympics constitute a significant part of the country’s sporting history.

The 1996 Gold Moment

Following Ben Johnson’s fall after testing positive for steroids in 1988, Canada did not have much to be proud off in that summer Olympic season. This shame was erased in 1996 when Donovan Bailey won the 100-metre dash. The win was more significant thanks to the 9.84 seconds finish, which set a new world record. Finally, the country could celebrate a victory not associated with steroids.

Tewksbury Swimming Gold in 1992

According to many fans, Mark Tewksbury was another underdog trying to make a name for himself in the 1992 Olympics. However, he proved them all wrong and brought great pride to Canada for having been the first swimmer to win gold since 1984. He became the cover story for Times Magazine.

Daniel Igali, The Wrestler 2000

This decent Nigerian Wrestler had a tough childhood. However, thanks to the hard economic times in his village, he became occupied with wrestling. He later competed in the Commonwealth Games of 1994. Travelling to Columbia made him fall in love with Canada, and he then attended university in the country as he continued to improve his wrestling skills. In the 2000 Olympic games in Sydney, Igali won a gold medal for Canada, where he made a historical dance around the flag to celebrate his victory.


There are many other significant moments in the Summer Olympics for Canada that have not been listed above. There is no doubt that Olympic sports in Canada are a huge deal both in the nation and the world at large.