Facts on the Hosting of the Olympic Basketball Qualifying Tournaments in Canada

Glen Grunwald, CEO of Canada Basketball, showed a lot of enthusiasm after being awarded the opportunity to host the men’s basketball qualifying tournament. The tournaments are scheduled to take place in June, in Victoria. The Canadian team has to win the six-team game for them to be awarded the Tokyo 2020 berth.

What the Host Opportunity Means

According to Mr Grunwald as he spoke at Edmonton, playing in front of their home fans was a big deal to the Canadian men’s team. The home-court advantage has always been something that excites any team. It is also an opportunity to host other European teams. Also, there is less travelling for all team members and the supporting staff thus reduces the effects of jet lag and fatigue.

The tournament will be a very significant game; thus, many Canadians will be attracted to either watch the game or stream it live on the internet or television. This will be an excellent opportunity for Canadian basketball to grow both as a sport and in its infrastructure. The basketball CEO hopes that history will be made on the courts.

Japan had automatically qualified for the 2020 season after being a host country plus other seven countries. Canada fell short and came at position 21 with several of their star players missing out during the qualifying games in Japan.

For a long time, Canada has had a challenge in choosing NBA players, even after having 16 candidates in the opening-day rosters. Glen Grunwald is positive that the qualifying tournament being hosted at home will help improve the recruitment process for Canadian players. All these comments he made were during the women’s qualifying tournament in Edmonton.

It is not only the CEO of Canada Basketball that is happy about this. Some famous basketball players like Dillion Brooks are elated about this event, and they look forward to making a name for themselves in the Olympic games in Victoria tournaments.