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What is Sportplay?
Sportplay is a multi-sport program for children 1 1/2 to 12 years old.  Our focus is to teach and develop the gross motor skills of running, jumping, throwing, catching and striking in a fun, positive, non-competitive program.  Children will also develop athletic skills including chasing/tagging, dodging/deking, collecting/gathering, body movement, body manipulation and equipment manipulation.  Sportplay programs are creative, active and play-based so every kid has an equal opportunity to learn and have fun.  Sportplay offers Weekly Classes, Camps, KICK Soccer, Birthday Parties and Daycare/School programs.

What is Multi-sport?


Multi-sport means children learn the skills and concepts of a variety of sports. At Sportplay kids will learn the skills of Basketball, Baseball, Football, Ball Hockey, Soccer, Tennis, Track and Field and Volleyball. This means kids develop a variety of Gross Motor and Athletic Skills that stimulate and develop their minds and bodies through a curriculum based on a physical education model.

"Give your child the skills and confidence to enjoy a variety of sport and recreational activities for life!"